Jun 29, 2014

Burgos takes multi-pronged approach

In Burgos, SmartMove’s intensive marketing campaigns will focus not only on peri-urban public transport but also on other new measures and services to promote sustainable mobility in areas far from the city.

SmartMove’s activities in Burgos take place well outside the city centre, mainly in industrial zones and the environs of the local university. Public transport needs to be promoted in these areas, as patronage is well below that on other lines. In a recent study, users cited poor frequency and inconvenient timetables as reasons for not using suburban buses, along with a lack of knowledge about the routes.

The city council is hoping to implement new technologies, including a smart phone app, to attract new target groups to public transport. SmartMove will complement these efforts with new forms of direct marketing and dissemination.

Burgos City Hall launched its SmartMove activities by holding a training seminar and introductory project meeting. Many exciting new developments were presented, as shown on our video page.

The meeting attracted large political and media interest and was headline news on several local telelvision shows and in various newspapers. This was a good opportunity to outline SmartMove’s expected benefits and to present an overall vision of the city’s public transport in the coming years.

Besides SmartMove, the city of Burgos is participating in other projects supported by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), including the bicycling projects Champ, Velo-citta and PTP Cycle.

For more information about Burgos’s activities, please watch our video presentation: Example 2: Actions in the field of Marketing