Jul 10, 2014

Partners lay groundwork for active mobility consultancy

Before they go door to door to promote sustainable travel through active mobility consultancy (AMC), implementing partners in SmartMove’s eight rural regions are taking stock of the chore ahead by identifying the region’s existing public transport options and local travel behaviour norms.

SmartMove partner Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is helping partners get started by designing preliminary regional analyses in each of the project’s regions. This will help map specific areas where AMC is a promising option, set goals and indicators for evaluation, and prepare partners for AMC implementation. In addition, the results of the regional analyses for the SmartMove areas may help take-up regions identify which one of the project pilot areas best matches their own region, and which results are therefore most relevant.

AUTh’s guidelines for regional analysis focus on four main issues:

  • the region’s spatial and demographic structure;
  • existing public transport systems;
  • existing feeder systems that give people access to public transport; and
  • the travel behaviour of inhabitants.

The guidelines aim to:

  • provide a formal, consistent approach for the collection of the data needed to design comprehensive AMCs;
  • provide guidelines for those carrying out AMCs and details of what should be considered at each stage of their work;
  • provide useful material and information sources for further reading and consulting for any interested party;
  • provide a common template for data collection that takes the form of a set of tables containing both a list of queries and free text boxes for entering responses.

The collection of required data, on-site examinations, literature reviews, expert interviews and focus groups will be carried out by all implementing partners. Focus group participants will be recruited by local transport stakeholders, who will help spread SmartMove’s lessons learned about sustainable rural transport.

In each region, a factsheet based on the regional analysis will be published on the SmartMove homepage in the autumn of 2014.

Photo source: TSRG/AUTh