Jun 11, 2016

SmartMove gets Langadas travelers on the bus

Campaign yields positive result despite struggle with cheap petrol prices

SmartMove’s campaign in Langadas went more quickly and smoothly than most, but the ultimate result may have suffered due to a fall in petrol prices.

The Langadas implementing team, coordinated by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, AUTh, secured its target number of participating households in less than 19 person days – faster than in most other implementing regions.

However, the number of participants who said they had increased public transport use was a relatively modest 6.67 percent. AUTh speculated that cheap petrol prices made personal transport more attractive, limiting the sought-after modal shift to public buses.

The other key results of Langadas’s active mobility campaign:

  • Participants who felt better informed about the local public transport options: 76.2%
  • Those who felt motivated to reduce car use: 22.7%
  • Those who talked about the campaign within the household: 45%

Those who increased their use of public transport took, on average, 4.4 fewer trips by car per week, according to the post-campaign survey. That translated into a reduction of CO2 emissions of 70.4 tonnes per year.

The local project team concluded that the SmartMove active mobility consultancy was an effective way to auger CO2 reductions and that further cuts could be achieved by extending the campaign or reaching more participants within the previously targeted area.