Nov 20, 2015

VON partner extends campaign

Participant recruitment stretches into winter to hit target

In the eastern German region of VON (Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien), the SmartMove active mobility consultancy (AMC) will continue through the end of the year in an effort to reach the targeted 500 participating households. Project partner ZVON has made strenuous efforts to recruit participants, but for some reason take up has been slow.

ZVON reports that 2,500 leaflets, including postpaid answer cards, were produced and distributed to households and public places such as town halls, shops and doctor’s offices. Direct contact with was made during weekly markets in Bernstadt and Herrnhut.

However, according to an October progress report, just 43 households had agreed to take part in the local AMC.

On the bright side, the households that have taken part have stated that they appreciate the direct-contact approach of the AMC. They have requested ZVON’s information material on local public transport, with route maps and printed timetables being the most popular handouts.

The AMC campaign in the VON region focuses on bus line 147, which connects the rural areas Herrnhut, Bernstadt and Schönau-Berzdorf to the district centre of Görlitz. Before the campaign, the mayors of all these communities got involved. Numerous press releases were sent out and a notice was posted on the webpage of the area transport association. The campaign has been coordinated with the local bus operator and the transport authority of the district of Görlitz.

Those who volunteered to participate were contacted by phone, and asked about their mobility behavior and their opinion of bus 147. They could then request information material from an offered menu. While nearly everyone ordered route maps and printed timetables, several also requested individualised cost comparisons (bus versus car use) and touristic information. These documents were sent by post together with small giveaways.

As the campaign continues through December, further leaflets, including a lottery ticket, will be distributed directly to households and further telephone calls will be made. In addition, active measures will be organized, including events in clubs for the elderly and presentations at weekly markets in an effort to activate more participants.