Nov 20, 2015

Austrian campaign stretches to hit target

Project leader follows mailings with phone reminders

In Austria, the leading partner of SmartMove completed its active mobility consultancy (AMC) ahead of target, setting a good example for the project. But it wasn’t easy.

The campaign, focused on the rural Waldviertal region northwest of Vienna along the Danube River, was forced to extend its recruitment campaign after its initial appeal through the post produced less-than-expected results. As of mid-May, just 300 households had signed on for the AMC, 200 short of target.

Austrian partner the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) began recruiting by phone and continued working until October 5, finally reaching 527 participating households, or 831 individuals.

Response to the offer of informational materials was also low, so BOKU went to the phones again to remind residents about the free materials. Participants eventually sent in a total of 319 order forms for the various items that BOKU was giving away.

In addition to AMC recruitment, BOKU carried out several active measures to promote Waldviertal’s public transport. It host Pedelec test rids during the course of an e-mobility-day in Melk in May (see photo), carried out four citizen audits (held during an Easter market in Leiben in April), held eight promotional events (two more were planned), and held some traveler trainings.

The surveys carried have shown that 85 percent of participants are aware of the local public transport service, although just 58 percent use it at least once per month. Post-measure surveys will show whether the campaign managed to boost these figures.