Jul 7, 2015

After Slow Start, Austrian Campaign Intensifies Effort

In Waldviertel-Wachau, campaigners turn to phones to speed up recruitment

The Waldviertel-Wachau AMC campaign has passed the halfway point, but with a good deal more effort than anticipated.

The Austrian campaign, focused on the rural area northwest of Vienna along the Danube River, had netted 300 of a targeted 500 participants as of mid-May.

According to Roman Klementschitz, of Vienna’s University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), the campaign started with contacting residents by post. Response didn’t meet expectations, so the project team immediately hit the phones to round up participants.

The Austrian campaign has included several active measures, mainly presentations at community events where public transport has been promoted. However, only a minority of attendees have been from the SmartMove project’s target area, so they weren’t much help in recruiting participants for the AMC.

But all in all, Klementschitz said that “challenges are not big so far” and predicted the campaign will recruit 500 participants for dialogue marketing by mid-July.