Nov 18, 2014

Public transport and bikes blend in Burgos

In Burgos, the SmartMove project is seen as a complement to another EU project, PTP Cycle

Following a well-attended SmartMove kick-off meeting in Burgos, local implementers will start project activities in 2015 with the hope of finding complementarities with a new EU-funded utility bicycling project.

In Burgos, the SmartMove project is seen as a complement to another Intelligent Energy Europe project, PTP Cycle. Both focus on custom-tailored, individual marketing to encourage sustainable local travel. With one focused on public transport and the other on cycling, Burgos hopes to combine them and influence a bigger population.

The PTP Cycle project (Personalised Travel Planning for Cycling) targets workers and residents in a new district of residential high rises. The area’s ample cycling infrastructure is underused and there is potential for a modal shift from car to bike for short and medium-distance trips in the city. Smart Move, meanwhile, will target workers who commute to industrial workplaces far from the city  — a segment not covered by PTP Cycle.

SmartMove activities will begin in early 2015 and build on market surveys already conducted with the citizens involved. This target group is keen to receive information but for various reasons (mainly distance) is more likely to use public transport than bike. SmartMove will carry out different active mobility campaigns to address this population.

In parallel, SmartMove campaigns will take aim at the project’s other target group in Burgos: students at the local university. These activities will begin hand in hand with the launch of a new smartphone app that makes public transport more convenient. The SmartMove team will collaborate in the dissemination of the app, which will likely be used by young people. SmartMove experts will advise on active mobility campaigns targeting students in various locations, such as university cafeterias and other meeting places.