Nov 18, 2014

Mobility Week offers a window onto SmartMove

SmartMove’s partner in Austria began its outreach in the Waldviertel/Wachau region

SmartMove’s partner in Austria began its outreach in the Waldviertel/Wachau region with a promotional effort in September at a local celebration of European Mobility Week.

Project partners from Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Institute for Transport Studies, used the opportunity to establish contacts with local media, politicians and the many transport operators in attendance. At the railway station of the village of Spitz they distributed information materials and provided help in reading timetables. They were also able to make initial contacts with the travelling public in order to understand needs with regard to public transport.

The festival, organised by the province of Lower Austria, the regional mobility agency, the transport consortium VOR and other public transport operators, offered a full programme of events to inform and entertain guests. Buses and trains were free during the festival day, and those visiting from outside the region could obtain a single ticket valid for all-day travel regardless of their starting point. 

Also at Spitz railway station pedelecs and Segways were offered for test rides. At the railway station in Krems, guests were given free snacks and invited to take part in a lottery. There were also trainings on how to use the ticket vending machines.

During the festival, politicians, journalists and other local stakeholders enjoyed a multimodal trip through the region, using the railway line, several bus lines, a ferry boat and various non-motorised means of transport. The trip ended at Krems station, where they joined the festival. An information screen was set up in the entry hall to display real-time departure data for connecting bus lines. The lines include the Krems municipal bus and regional buses heading to, among other areas, the SmartMove region of Waldviertel.