May 12, 2014

SmartMove Website launched

New website offers comprehensive information on rural public transport feeder systems and their active promotion

It is our pleasure to announce the launch of the SmartMove website. From now on, this website becomes one of the main resources in the field of public transport feeder systems, rural mobility, and active mobility consultancy campaigns.

Before the launch of this website, zero hits were generated for the key terms "active mobility consultancy campaigns" or "AMC campaigns" in Google. Similarly, searching for "public transport feeder networks" yielded almost no useful results. Nevertheless, both these concepts and tools are hugely important in creating a more effective public transport system in rural areas, and attracting new passengers to the improved services.

Thanks to the launch of the SmartMove project, a clear niche is now addressed in the field of rural mobility. The activities and achievements of the eight implementing partners have great potential for replication elsewhere in Europe – and this website is one of the key tools for spreading this knowledge.

From the moment of its publication, the website gives visitors all the background information necessary for understanding the concept of public transport feeder networks and active mobility consultancy campaigns. As the project progresses, this information will be expanded with actual experiences from the field. Most of these updates will be made available under ‘Knowledge Sharing”.

The website will provide a unique portal for information on this topic, so if you are involved in any related activities we would be glad to hear from you and publicise what you are doing. We welcome event announcements, news items (from a single sentence to a complete article), so please get in touch with us! If you have any suggestions for improving the website we are also very open to hearing from you. We encourage you to visit the website regularly – or to sign up for our newsletter, which will give you twice-yearly updates.

Happy browsing!

The SmartMove web team