Jan 9, 2017
The RUMOBIL project supports transnational cooperation between transport authorities

Nov 8, 2016
The SmartMove website has been nominated for the prestigious .eu Web Awards

Sep 7, 2016
Smart Solutions: Promoting rural public transport use through active mobility consultancy

Jun 28, 2016
Presentations, videos and pictures from the final conference in Cologne on 22 June, 2016

Jun 20, 2016
Active mobility consultancies yield tonnes of CO2 savings in rural Europe

Jun 19, 2016
A free and easy-to-use online course gives you insights into the SmartMove approach

Jun 17, 2016
13 percent of SmartMove participants increased their use of public transport

Jun 16, 2016
22 percent of participants report increasing public transport use

Jun 14, 2016
22 percent reported increasing public transport use after campaign

Jun 14, 2016
Ten percent of respondents shifted trips from car to public transport

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