Public transport feeder networks in SmartMove

Public transport feeder systems can include any type of motorised or non-motorised forms of mobility that help passengers to reach the nearest bus or train stop. As part of SmartMove, a number of different feeder systems will be supported by AMC campaigns, as outlined below:

Implementing regionPT feeder systemSpatial characteristics
Waldviertel - Wachau, Austria Pedelecs and bicycles Sparse population density; orientation of the transport system to a metropolitan region
Wittenberg, Germany Citizens' buses, call buses and call taxis Very sparse population density
Outskirts of Burgos, Spain Different multimodal means such as bicycles and small buses Former rural area in outskirts of Burgos with a rapid urban sprawl
Langadas County, Greece Different feeder services (small buses, shared taxis) addressing problems related to both public transport stop density and level of service frequency Rural area in the largest municipality on the Greek mainland
Outskirts of Krakow, Poland Small buses, bicycles Sparsely populated suburban areas accessible by a radial model of suburban tram lines
Kreis Euskirchen, Germany Call buses, call taxis, walking, cycling Sparse population density
Outskirts of Almada, Portugal Different multimodal means such as bicycles and small buses Less densely populated area on the outskirts of a growing city, thus focusing on new citizens