KalosTous – A demand-driven taxi-sharing service in Kastoria, Greece

In 2012, a new on-demand, door-to-door service was launched in northern Greece, providing mobility services in the vicinity of Kastoria (a town around 140 km east of Thessaloniki). KalosTous was implemented as part of the FLIPPER project, the aim of which was to find the best mobility service to bridge the gap between private car use and the available limited public transport service. Following a series of preliminary meetings, a partnership was created comprising the local taxi union, the municipality of Kastoria, and the Aristotle University of Technology.

Users must make a booking at least one day before the day of their trip and confirm the booking after finalising the route to be followed. Similar trip requests, in terms of route and time, are then combined by the operators of the existing dispatch centre of KTEAL. The service is available between 07:20 and 20:00 each day and is open to all members of the public. The target groups most expected to benefit from the service are elderly people, students, people with impaired mobility, tourists, residents of sparsely populated areas, and residents of neighbourhoods where there is no conventional bus access (e.g. due to narrow streets). The cost of the service depends on the number of passengers and ranges between the cost of the conventional urban bus service and the estimated minimum cost of a taxi for each route.

  • To read more about the service, please download the PowerPoint presentation (3MB PDF), from before the launch of the serivce.