First SmartMove training seminar: Developing a common understanding

The first SmartMove training seminar took place in Burgos, Spain, on 25 June, 2014. The aim was to create a common understanding of the concept of active mobility campaigns and public transport feeder networks.

Download training seminar report (24 page PDF)

Download seminar reader (53 page PDF)

In the following you can watch videos of the key presentations:

Keynote presentation 1: Lessons learnt from the Waldviertel Case Study

This presentation introduces the concept of Active Mobility Campaigns, based on the actual example of the region of Waldviertel - Wachau in Austria.

Keynote presentation 2: Feeder systems

The video explains the basics of public transport feeder systems.

Example 1: Mobility campaigns in Portugal

The recording gives a practical example for a mobility campaign in the Portuguese city of Almada (near Lisbon)

Example 2: Actions in the field of marketing in Spain

An example from the Northern Spanish city of Burgos.

Example 3: Examples of AMC campaigns in Germany

An example of active mobility campaigns in the district of Euskirchen (in the south of Germany's North RhineWestphalia).