Links to relevant resources

The links below provide information related to AMC campaigns, feeder systems and rural mobility issues. Links to the websites of the SmartMove implementing regions can be found by clicking on Regions in the top menu.

  • Move on Green project
    Improving sustainable transport in rural areas
  • BiTiBi - Bike Train Bike project
    An EC project in the regions of Barcelona, Milan, Liverpool and in Belgium to combine the two most energy efficient modes of transportation, the bicycle and the train.
  • FLIPPER project
    Flexible Transport Services and ICT Platform for Eco-mobility in Urban and Rural European Areas
  • PTP Cycle project
    PTP-Cycle is a project using Personalised Travel Planning methods to promote a shift from private motor vehicle use towards cycling, walking and public transport.
  • Switch project
    Developing campaigns to embrace active travel: walking and cycling.
    Attaining Energy-Efficient Mobility in an Ageing Society
  • Eltis – The Urban Mobility Portal
    Although Eltis focuses on urban mobility, it offers a number of case studies that relate to public transport feeder systems.