State-of-the-art report on active mobility consultancy campaigns

This document collects state-of-the-art techniques that have been used in other mobility projects that might contribute to the design and implementation of AMC campaigns. Approaches from several disciplines such as psychology or marketing have been considered in order to provide a wide range of techniques to underpin the impact of the campaigns foreseen within the SmartMove project.


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In Section 2 we describe the current need for a massive shift in travel behaviour, briefly analysing the two main approaches (top-down and bottom-up) used to trigger behavioural change.

In Section 3 we describe the origins of individualised marketing and the different stages in the process. We introduce various projects in which individualised marketing has been employed to foster travel-related behavioural change.

Section 4 introduces several mobility projects that, given their different approaches, can provide useful input for incorporation in the AMC campaigns foreseen under SmartMove.

Section 5 contains conclusions and recommendations towards the design and implementation of comprehensive AMC campaigns.

The annexes contain a brief guide in which the steps of individualised marketing are presented as the backbone, then filled out with the main lessons learned from the approaches presented in the report. We have also included a list of the travel-related behavioural changes achieved by various travel management campaigns.