Guidelines on the SmartMove AMC concept

The SmartMove project is proud to present a set of guidelines that provide a comprehensive overview of the AMC concept and the practical implementation of an AMC campaign. The guidelines describe how AMC campaigns should proceed, and in particular contribute to the implementation of dialogue marketing, which is the backbone concept of the AMC approach. The practical implementation of the process is illustrated with selected examples.

Download Guidelines on the SmartMove AMC concept (29-page, 900-Kbyte PDF)

Table of contents

1. Introduction
    The SmartMove project
    Contents of this deliverable

2. Elements of active mobility consultancy
    Dialogue marketing
    Active measures

3. Steps in active mobility consultancy
    Preparation phase
    General contact phase 
    Segmentation phase 
    Individualised contact phase 
    Delivery phase
    Consulting phase
    Evaluation phases