Examples for active mobility consultancy campaigns

AMC campaign in Waldviertel - Wachau (Austria)

See our video: Lessons learnt from the Waldviertel case study (22 minutes)

The main findings of the Waldviertel campaign (2-page PDF)

The Waldviertel-Linie is a high-quality public transport service providing mobility access for Austria’s Waldviertel-Wachau region. It has been in operation since 2009 but attracts relatively modest passenger numbers. This may be because the service is not sufficiently well advertised, the regional discount travel card is not accepted, there are too few bus stops, and the routes are unable to compete with complex, car-based travel chains.

In this context, the public transport provider organised an AMC campaign in order to maintain relations with existing passengers and to attract new ones. The campaign proved to be a valuable addition to the existing mobility centre, as it targeted potentially interested people who had not previously been motivated to use public transport services.

In the Waldviertel pilot AMC campaign, a total of 1,500 randomly selected households located along two bus routes were contacted. The campaign was implemented between March and July 2011. The contacted households were given tailored information about the relevant services provided by the bus operator. They were also asked to make suggestions for improvements to the bus service.

The campaign results were documented, but due to budget constraints there was no in-depth evaluation. This evaluation will be undertaken within the SmartMove project.

Source: David Wurz-Hermann, BOKU