Fact sheets on the implementation of active measures into AMC campaigns

Photo credit: Municipality of Krakow, AENEAS project




Download fact sheets (38-page PDF)

This 38-page document describes active measures that can potentially support the implementation of an AMC campaign. The document includes two-page descriptions of the following active measures:

  • Citizen audits
  • Workshops with citizens
  • Focus groups with citizens
  • Promotion for social media and smartphone apps
  • Public transport training events for elderly people
  • Mobility guidebooks for elderly people
  • Mobility checks for elderly people
  • Personal mobility assistants for elderly people
  • Mobility assistants for elderly people at major transport interchanges
  • Info packages for new residents
  • Promotion events for (flexible) public transport
  • Public transport try-out activities
  • Tailored public transport advice with the help of ICT tools
  • Guided walking tours
  • Walking for health
  • Guided cycling tours
  • Provision of try-out-pedelecs